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On Napping

Today was a migraine day in the middle of a migraine week. Bleah, But, I was caught up a bit on my work, so I decided to, instead of staying at my desk through lunch, take a nap. It was my favorite environment for… Continue Reading “On Napping”

Book vs. Foot

So I decided to invite the whole clan to the homestead for Labor Day. So began the great cleaning of 2017. One of the things that we had to do was to get our bookshelves in order. Books had been haphazardly thrown on shelves,… Continue Reading “Book vs. Foot”


I have been in an epic fetch game with my cat for about…. seven months. He has this multicolored yarn ball (we’re on like ball five) that he loves to play with.  It started when he was a little kitten, and every night we’d… Continue Reading “Fetch”