Book vs. Foot

So I decided to invite the whole clan to the homestead for Labor Day. So began the great cleaning of 2017. One of the things that we had to do was to get our bookshelves in order. Books had been haphazardly thrown on shelves, and this cannot be! It hurts my soul to have the books out of order. So I began by – of course – printing out the library of congress system. Because of course I did.

All went well, up until I got to the antique Shakespeare section of the shelves. I collect antique Shakespeare and law books. The husband collects antique science books. So in our world, they are apart from the LOC catalogue. I had shoved a cooking book, seen here, on some of the Shakespeare.

And, it fell corner first on my foot.

Now, for many reasons, a thee acre plot is awesome. It’s fun, and there’s lots to do and it’s great. When it hurts like hell to walk, and you don’t know where on the property your husband is, it’s less fun. Tried his cell. No dice. Tried “find your iPhone” so that his phone will beep until he finds it – nyet. Eventually, I write a note to come see me in the living room to take to his desk. Upon delivery, I find him outside, and we go to the ER, because we have to.

Short story long, my foot is not broken, but it is seriously contused and I still have hundreds of books in random piles in my living room, while I do stuff from my sitting room.

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