Farm to Table Dinner

One of the nice things that have started cropping up lately are farm to table dinners. Our local nature center hosted one on Sunday, and it was delightful.  Most of the produce, and all of the meat came from local farmers.  It was a lovely evening.

First on the menu was a red pepper gazpacho, watermelon tomato salad, and vegetarian tacos from Amanda Miller:

Next was a lamb meatball, cous cous and braised lamb from David Duree.

And the third menu, from Julie Kimmel was a watermelon salad, enchilada cup, and carne Asada on skillet bread.

Beer was from @saltcitybeer

Dessert included a talk about food insecurity from Leanne Brown.

A good time was had by all, and I’m pleased it was a success. We’ve done dinners like this in KC, but this is the first here in Hutch.

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