Mixer vs. Cooktop, The Saga Begins…

Yesterday began the kitchen redo. We have a beautiful kitchen. Showroom quality. Which is because the prior owners went into the showroom and said “I’ll take it!”

As a result, we have a mish mash of high-end looking but not really very functional appliances. For example, our cooktop is too low for me. I’m 5’4″ if you’re generous. And the vent hood doesn’t have a vent.

But it’s pretty.

That pot filler tho

See that nice cooktop? Yeah.

Let me back up. The husband had a really well-paying job, and few expenses before he went to grad school. So he has a lot of great kitcheny stuff, including this monster Viking mixer – seen here on an early date when he impressed me with liquid nitrogen ice cream.

So in the great game of rock-paper-scissors-mixer-stovetop, mixer definitely beats stovetop.

So we’re taking this opportunity to upgrade to gas, because we loooove cooking. To add insult to injury, our dishwasher died about a week ago.

$3,000 at the appliance store later, we were ready to run the gas to the kitchen.

This does give you an excellent view of the bitchin toe kick lights in our kitchen that were installed because… who the hell knows?

Now we wait until the appliances come in. Whereupon the local dude will come out and install an actual vent, so we don’t, you know, die. Then we will have a functional kitchen again! And won’t have to eat out every night.

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