More Park City

Another beautiful day in Park City.

The sunrise from my writing nook.

Yesterday we started with breakfast. I love my family. Originally the plan was for the Husband, my parents, and me to have breakfast. It ended up being my parents, my sister’s family, four sets of aunts and uncles, a two cousins and their families.

The Husband comes from a small family, and while we mean well, we are… exhausting. We will overwhelm you with love.

So after, it was nap time. I wandered around the hotel and checked stuff out. The Husband had a nice nap. We ended up just sort of lounging around until noon. It was too late for our planned drive, so we just changed plans.

We had a nice lunch on the patio at the hotel restaurant and then went downtown. To get to the shuttle, you have to take the cabriolet.

We got a shuttle into town and walked up and down the Main Street. Didn’t see any celebrities.

That evening we had a dinner at a local distillery. On the way there we saw a moose!

I promise that’s a moose and not a black blob. I was in a moving car, y’all.

Dinner was lovely, and I had a visitor.

All in all it was lovely, and I got to talk to people I hadn’t seen in years.

More adventures tomorrow.

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