Park City

So my cousin is getting married on Monday, and we headed out to Utah.

We flew through Denver, so of course I had to listen to this on the way.

Um, theses are everywhere. Little hands? Cthulhu? Directions to the secret bunker to ride out the apocalypse?

I had a window seat as we crossed the Rockies.

After a bumpy landing we got our car and headed up the canyon.

We settled in and went to the first of the wedding events. A party at the couple’s house. Good times with family and friends. Some of whom I hadn’t seen in years.

It is so lovely here. Our room is fancy pants, although not as fancy pants as my parents’ room. we had breakfast for 20 in there this morning.

I have a little nook to read, write, lounge in.

We are going on a drive later and another party tonight!

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