Month: November 2020

Planning for the Spring Planting

We’ve had a garden pretty much every year, with varying levels of success. Last year was pretty grim, for a variety of reasons. So we’ve decided to cut back on the crops next year.

Next Year’s Chickens

So we had a bit of an Abokalypse a while back. The spring chickens are over in the (future) goat pen. The adults are by the garage, where we started our chicken coops. The teenagers (summer chicks) are also there. …or were

Getting Back Into the Swing

Things are starting to get back to more normal. I’m working full time again, studying for the PMP exam, and planning for spring on the farm. I can walk in about ten days, and I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed.

31, 32, 33, 34

More reading. Part of the reason I went back to work was that I was starting to get bored. There is only so much social media that one can consume. But I’ve also been reading and studying for my project management professional exam.


So four weeks ago I broke my leg and ankle (in two places)! This put a stop to everything for a bit. I had surgery and am back home. I have a knee scooter thingy. It is a lot quieter than the walker. On… Continue Reading “Update”

Books 27-30

Oddly enough, I’ve been reading crappy novels.

Health Care

Thinking about health care today. From my incessant whining, you all know that I have a broken ankle/leg. Fortunately, I have good insurance and great friends, family, and neighbors. And yet… this is still financially hard. We are exceptionally lucky. Even with insurance, we’ve… Continue Reading “Health Care”


Guess who has two thumbs and three broken bones? This girl! Broke my ankle twice and leg once in a fall, so I am off my feet for two months. Good times… good times.