Next Year’s Chickens

So we had a bit of an Abokalypse a while back. The spring chickens are over in the (future) goat pen. The adults are by the garage, where we started our chicken coops. The teenagers (summer chicks) are also there.

…or were

Most of the adults, including original recipes Rhoda and Violet are no more. We still have Noah II (aka Wooderson), Debbie Harry (maybe?), and Kaley Cuckoo. We lost the Salmon Favorelles and all but two of the hatched chickens.

I’ll have to do a roll call once I’m back on my feet. Most of the spring chickens are still with us.

So we went from “no mas” to “okay a few” to “full order” in about a month.

When we started our chickening, we chose pretty basic varieties. Then branched out to fancier chickens. Now we don’t have as many of the basics, so we are filling in.

Only one or two of the expensive ones. Because our blue egg contingent is depleted and/or diluted. We are getting some Rhode Island Reds and Buffys. We liked our speckled eggs from the Welsummers so a couple of those.

I liked the look of the speckled Sussex

And we never got the eggs from the Salmon Favorelles, so a couple of each.

Ok, so we’re getting a little bit more fancy. A few polish, because we love Boo so much.

A couple of Lakeshore Eggers for the light olive green eggs and a really fancy Sultana or two.

So… pretty much I’m still a crazy chicken lady.

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