Planning for the Spring Planting

We’ve had a garden pretty much every year, with varying levels of success. Last year was pretty grim, for a variety of reasons. So we’ve decided to cut back on the crops next year.

We decided to limit to five annual crops. One being tomatoes. Each of us picked two crops. I chose beans and peas. The Husband picked peppers and corn.

We are going to start fewer plants indoors too. In past years, I’ve had up to over 200 seedlings lost to neglect, poor lighting, and in one exciting year, a serious windstorm.

So this year, I bought a grow light. This will help with the poor lighting, and hopefully the smaller number of plants will help with the neglect.

We will have all but the corn in raised beds.

So with the limited crops, I wanted to see if we had seeds already. So we began an inventory.

We have a few varieties of most of what we want to plant, so we won’t need to buy many seeds.

I’ve got them all filed in our card catalog.

Now to wait until January to start the seeds.

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