Month: August 2017

Exit, Pursued by a Dog

So we had a stray dog around our property two days ago. We chased him off, but alas, poor Shakespeare. He hath cross-ed the road.

Memory boxes

OK, so this is kind of similar to the adventure box – which we’ve moved the adventures to their own box now. But on our random journeys we tend to pick up detritus. Whether it’s a map, a cool rock, brochures, random “toys” from… Continue Reading “Memory boxes”

Frico Caldo

One of my favorite restaurants in the world is in Boulder, Colorado. Granted, I haven’t seen a whole lot of the world, but this one’s up there for sure. It’s called Frasca.

Total Eclipse

So we went to Kansas City to watch the eclipse. Of the three things with the highest ratio of prep time: event, the largest are my wedding, my trip to the Taj Mahal, and this eclipse. All totally worth it.

Our first egg!

After five months of chicken husbandry, we finally have payoff! Our very first egg (that we know of) It was delicious.

Corn Chowder

I used to live in the big town near where I live now, and the place to get corn was the parking lot of the Home Depot. A local farmer had a stand: Gaeddert Farms. Best corn I’ve ever had. Now we live even closer!… Continue Reading “Corn Chowder”

The kitchen. Part deux.

So we have the dishwasher in, and the freezer. The stove is in, but not the vent, so I’ve used it, but it is currently non-functional until the husband puts it in.

Farm to Table Dinner

One of the nice things that have started cropping up lately are farm to table dinners. Our local nature center hosted one on Sunday, and it was delightful.  Most of the produce, and all of the meat came from local farmers.  It was a… Continue Reading “Farm to Table Dinner”

Book vs. Foot

So I decided to invite the whole clan to the homestead for Labor Day. So began the great cleaning of 2017. One of the things that we had to do was to get our bookshelves in order. Books had been haphazardly thrown on shelves,… Continue Reading “Book vs. Foot”

Mixer vs. Cooktop, The Saga Begins…

Yesterday began the kitchen redo. We have a beautiful kitchen. Showroom quality. Which is because the prior owners went into the showroom and said “I’ll take it!” As a result, we have a mish mash of high-end looking but not really very functional appliances.… Continue Reading “Mixer vs. Cooktop, The Saga Begins…”