Memory boxes

OK, so this is kind of similar to the adventure box – which we’ve moved the adventures to their own box now. But on our random journeys we tend to pick up detritus. Whether it’s a map, a cool rock, brochures, random “toys” from skeevy truck stop vending machines (Creepy, yet hilarious to read the instructions). You know, stuff you have absolutely no use for, but that you acquire and want to keep.

Menu from first dinner as married couple.

I can’t remember where I saw this, but I used photo boxes to hold this stuff. 

So I take a map from the state/area/whatever. But it to fit a photo box.

Glue (or tape in this case, because I really want a Topo map of where we got married) it to the top of the box.

Then write the location on the box, so you know what’s where.

They live on a shelf in our living room. Next one up is from my India trip last year.

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