Corn Chowder

I used to live in the big town near where I live now, and the place to get corn was the parking lot of the Home Depot. A local farmer had a stand: Gaeddert Farms. Best corn I’ve ever had.

Now we live even closer! So I buy corn in baker’s dozens, but we don’t eat that much corn. Generally, I blanch all but a few ears, then freeze them in bags for winter. But I always save a few out for corn chowder.

Start with some onions, maybe some garlic, and a pepper that you like. We like poblanos at our house, so I use those, I’ve also used Serrano, Anaheim, and Jalapeño peppers.  This latest batch had poblano and Serrano.

Also, cut up some potatoes, and pull out the chicken stock (if you’re vegan, use vegetable stock). Sauté up the onions and peppers, then add the stock and potatoes. My stock is generally pretty thick, so I put in some of the blanching water from the corn.  Salt and pepper, and whatever spices you like.  I’m a simple girl, so I’m good with salt and pepper, and chili powder.  After the potatoes start to soften, add the corn that you’ve stripped from the cob. If you want to be fancy, save a few kernels and toast them with chili powder. Finish up, and when you serve, add some cream (or sour cream if you’re fancy with the kernels on top, then some pretty finishing salt). I serve with Crystal Hot Sauce. Because everything is better with Crystal. If you have it lying around, chunks of cooked chicken, salmon, or trout would be good in this as well. I’ve tried all three with success.

I’ll often serve with sweet jalapeño corn bread too. 

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