Total Eclipse

So we went to Kansas City to watch the eclipse. Of the three things with the highest ratio of prep time: event, the largest are my wedding, my trip to the Taj Mahal, and this eclipse. All totally worth it.

We drove up Sunday, taking the long cut. Checked into our hotel, and then went to dinner. It was lousy (except the food). Restaurant to remain nameless. But terrible service. Anyway… The next day we got up early and had our waffle breakfast as usual. I love Hampton Inn.  Again, worried about traffic, we took The long cut.

But we found our spot. Blind Pony Lake.

We set up all of our stuff. And we had a lot of stuff. The husband had a physical computer that he built to show all of the different environmental changes: light, temperature, humidity.

The environmental monitoring system. Because he’s a dork and I love him.

It was very very cool. The clouds were worrisome until about fifteen minutes before totality.

The corona was cool.

It really was a great place, only about six other groups, so we weren’t right on top of each other. We had enough room to have a picnic, and spent the day just looking around and nature. LOVED EVERY MINUTE!

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