Month: March 2019

Whoa, busy

Work’s been busy, trying to get a lot of stuff done before our 🇨🇦🇨🇦 Canada 🇨🇦🇨🇦 trip. Vancouver, the train, and then Banff! But alas. The balance of power shifting means that we are finally going to have to bite the bullet and butcher… Continue Reading “Whoa, busy”

The balance of power

Has shifted. Sometime in the last 48 hours, Weezle figured out he’s twice the size of Noah. Poor Noah got put in the pen so he could have his share of treats, and a healthy dose of antibacterial spray for his injuries. He went… Continue Reading “The balance of power”

Big storm

So the polar bomb or whatever it was called came through. The house is fine, most everything else is fine but one of the coops toppled.

Design Challenge Final

So here are links to all of the training pieces.

Remember the Ristra

So if you have been around, you may have read how to make a ristra in ten steps (November 2017). Well, I got around to dealing with it while cleaning the mud room to prepare for planting seedlings.

Design Challenge Part 7

I finished strong today. By yesterday, I’d finished all of the things but one. Today was the hard one. I’ve sort of used storyline but not much. Just enough to be able to confidently say I could learn it when I interviewed for my… Continue Reading “Design Challenge Part 7”

Design Challenge Part Six

I was dead tired when I got back to the hotel, so I didn’t do anything but read Twitter. But much progress was made yesterday.

Design Challenge Part Five

So I had a lot of meetings and social stuff to do, so not a whole lot of time on the project. But I’ve got two new pieces done.

Design Challenge Part Four

I’m traveling to the home office this week, and am trying to do most of this work using my own resources, so the flash cards were done before I left town.

Design Challenge Post Three

Eh, it’s more spurts of working than actual days. I wrote learning objectives and came up with delivery methods. I should note that the idea for this challenge came from the Six Week ID Challenge from Cara North at the Instructional ReDesign Podcast, and… Continue Reading “Design Challenge Post Three”