Design Challenge Part Four

I’m traveling to the home office this week, and am trying to do most of this work using my own resources, so the flash cards were done before I left town.

So I took the codes for the W-2s. The codes went on the front, and the description (and sometimes some facts) went on the back. This is something that a client might ask, and the tax professional should be able to rattle off what a certain code means. It’s a rote memorization thing, so I thought flash cards could reinforce that.

I play Fortnite and I used their colors for my flashcards. I ignored Gray, because I wanted these to be colorful, so no common codes for us! The color, Fortnite designations and frequency that you’ll see them are below.

Green – Uncommon – You will see these a dozen times a day.

Blue – Rare – You should see these fairly often.

Purple – Epic – Unlikely

Orange – Legendary – You probably won’t see these

Now, if I had oodles of time I’d place them on duplex and print on card stock, but this is a quick and dirty project. Now, it’s copy paper and tape.

I got a start on the next thing, an infographic on uniform definition of a child. Again, Q&D, so I used Piktochart.

The start, haven’t done color work, b/c I don’t have the hex codes memorized.

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