Design Challenge Post Three

Eh, it’s more spurts of working than actual days. I wrote learning objectives and came up with delivery methods.

I should note that the idea for this challenge came from the Six Week ID Challenge from Cara North at the Instructional ReDesign Podcast, and from the ELearning Guild’s Microlearning Summit – the session by Diane Elkins, from Artisan e-Learning.

So, away we go:

  1. Describe the Uniform Definition of a Child.
  2. Identify taxpayers’ eligibility for filing statuses.
  3. Evaluate whether a security is a covered security.
  4. Calculate the penalty under the Last Month Rule.
  5. Determine whether cancellation of debt is includable in income.
  6. Correctly report contributions to an HSA on a tax return.
  7. Describe the four components of the due diligence rules.
  8. Differentiate between the attributes of business entities.
  9. Recall Box 12 codes from Form W-2.
  10. Categorize the exceptions to the tax on early distributions from retirement plans.

I’m not Mozart, I cross things out and smooosh in extra words.

  1. Infographic
  2. Decision tree
  3. Interactive .pdf with short quiz
  4. Infographic
  5. Interactive .pdf
  6. Decision tree
  7. Video demonstration
  8. Interactive .pdf (note, b/c it isn’t in my notes. Clickable by type and attributes)
  9. Flash cards (physical paper)
  10. Game

So we have

3 Interactive .pdfs – infographic but with interactive elements.

2 Infographics – defined in this case as non-interactive one page document.

2 Decision Trees (probably technically infographics – but a defined structure)

1 Video Demonstration

1 Set of Flashcards

1 Game

One thing to note though – I have already created something like #5 and #8. But that also uses one of my favorite things, reusable content.

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