Month: July 2019

Chicklet Roll Call

They’ve made it through a couple months, so I’m willing to start naming and showing pictures. This morning was leg band change day, so I added school pictures.


Depression is a bitch and a liar. Trying to get back on track. Taking my meds, practicing self-care. Slowly coming back to myself.

New Nesting Box

Every day it is a trial trying to find the eggs. I’m sure next time we mow we will hit some clutches. But for a grand investment of two American dollars, we acquired a big nesting box.


So every now and again, the neighbor gets his crops dusted. Today was the day. From my office window. A bit close for comfort. On the other hand – a hell of a view from my office.

Prodigal Chicken

So we’ve been having a bit of attrition lately with our chickens. We had a Aracauna roo, three Aracauna hens, three Golden Campines, a Golden Comet, a Rhode Island Red, and a Black Australorp. Two of the Aracaunas, all of the Campines, and the… Continue Reading “Prodigal Chicken”

Kansas in Summer

Busy day at the farm here. We got another Barn Cat yesterday. She hasn’t told us her name yet, though. We are in the middle of a few huge projects. We are enclosing a part of the yard for chickens, a dog, and some… Continue Reading “Kansas in Summer”

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary…

Some pics from the garden.

Well boo.

One of our colonies declared their independence. We are down to two colonies. Don’t know what happened to the hive, but they seem to not have taken to the new brooder box. No dead bees, just… no bees.