Prodigal Chicken

So we’ve been having a bit of attrition lately with our chickens. We had a Aracauna roo, three Aracauna hens, three Golden Campines, a Golden Comet, a Rhode Island Red, and a Black Australorp.

Two of the Aracaunas, all of the Campines, and the Comet all disappeared. We assume that they met a coyote in a dark alley. We have a family of coyotes living between us and the neighbors on some CRP land.

…or so we thought.

I go outside to check for eggs this afternoon, and catch a glimpse of a Weird Sister (Golden Campine).

We joke that we need to lojack the chickens so we can figure out where they are laying. Now more than ever I want this, because I want to know where she went on her adventure. It’s been like a week. Has she been living in the cornfield? Hanging out with the neighbor’s chickens? I demand answers.

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