Kansas in Summer

Busy day at the farm here. We got another Barn Cat yesterday. She hasn’t told us her name yet, though.

We are in the middle of a few huge projects. We are enclosing a part of the yard for chickens, a dog, and some goats. And the door of our Quonset hut broke, so yikes.

Her name at the shelter was Minnie, which I’ve occasionally lengthened to Minerva, but we usually go with the Greek pantheon, not the Roman one.

On the trip was also my first pilgrimage for Gaeddart corn. I followed the truck in, since they’re on our road. $6.50 for a baker’s dozen, with an extra if you use your bag.

This morning I got up and weeded. I missed a few things last night.

Baby kohlrabi.

Some gigantic radishes.

Then it was too damn hot, so we did inside work. I baked bread, made a very Kansas dinner.

Steak from the farmers market. Salad greens from the farmers market and our garden, and the corn. Yum!

I pulled a couple green tomatoes. Tomorrow imma do some ribs, cole slaw, and fried green tomatoes.

I really want to top off the day with some ice cream, but I’ll try to be good.

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