Chicklet Roll Call

They’ve made it through a couple months, so I’m willing to start naming and showing pictures. This morning was leg band change day, so I added school pictures.

We have four roosters, who when they won’t go in their box at night, I remind that I do not need five roosters. We only have one rooster name. All roosters are Noah unless otherwise named and/or destined for the cone of doom. And all are sired by Noah Sr.

First we have a potential Noah. He’s gorgeous. And the son of Meggan.

Next we have another potential Noah from Meggan.

We have Blackie Onassis (ref: Drummer for Urge Overkill). Son of Black Frances

Shakespeare looks a lot like our Barred Rock from our very first flock. He’s the son of Black Frances or possibly a cuckoo Maran who I spent a fair amount of money for “her.” Ah well, I accept Shakespeare for whoever they are.

Then we have the girls.

First up is Candy, she’s a Cream Legbar we bought as a chick

Next is Apple, also a Cream Legbar (red)

We have Kaley Cuckoo, who is a Cuckoo Marans (green).

A to be named Welsummer

A daughter of Meggan

Debbie Harry, daughter of Rhoda

Another Welsummer (blue)

Unnamed daughter of Frances

Unnamed daughter of Frances

Unnamed daugther of Meggan

Unnamed daughter of Meggan

Unnamed daughter of Frances


Also, am I the only one that reads this as Veritaserum every damn time? “You *will* tell me where you laid your eggs.”

We have three adults right now because of an abokalypse. Noah Sr., Rhoda, and Violet. But… we have two that are seriously free range, as in, we see them periodically, but we don’t know where they sleep/lay/roam when they aren’t trying to find scratch.

Case in point, saw Black Frances when I came home from the grocery store. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️


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