Well boo.

One of our colonies declared their independence. We are down to two colonies. Don’t know what happened to the hive, but they seem to not have taken to the new brooder box. No dead bees, just… no bees.

On the other hand, the two colonies are doing well. Just about ready to put a super on the one without a super.

The garden is going apace, as are the apple trees. Harvested some radishes, and we have about a million tomatoes on the way.

On the chicken front. We have had some predation- so we are down to four or five big ones, but we still have the 16 or so chicklets, we moved them to coops. It looks like four Roos and eight hens.

Probably going to be stage new Noah. He’s gorgeous.

One of our late hatchlings.

The girls’ dorm. The big gray one is Debbie Harry. There may be a roo in there. We are slightly off in terms of expected ratio.

The Frat house.

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