Farmer’s Market

How many times have I written about the farmer’s market? Well one more at least. Had a great morning at the farmer’s market today. Got up at 6:30 to get there early.

I go to the one at the Sedgwick County Extension Office. I love me a good county extension office. It’s the Kansas Grown farmer’s market, and I love it.

One of the things they have is a special currency. I call them wooden nickels, because they are $5 and wooden. I think I stole that from someone. But they work at all of the vendors, and stay the same from year to year. I had some when I opened my bag this morning. Even better, they take vision cards (Kansas’ version of SNAP). Fruits and vegetables are matched, so if you buy $5 in fruits or veggies, you get double. They also will pay for your bus ride home from the market. One of my issues is food deserts, and this helps people get good food, from anywhere on the bus line.

I have a special Farmer’s Market Money Bag. I theoretically could budget myself by putting x dollars in there at the beginning and stopping when I’m out, but we all know I don’t have that kind of discipline. Imma spend all my moneys at the farmer’s market and get some more if I run out.

Today was busy, even early. And the stuff was good. I had to take an intermission and go back to the car to unload my basket.

They have food trucks, and musical entertainment (which in my books is a push). They have what I consider to be a creepy-ass clown, but that may just be me. Occasionally, they’ll have programming in the building, but today I was on a mission. I needed to get back as quick as possible, so it was a targeted strike.

One thing is that Gaeddart Farms, the best corn in the world, was not there yet. Boo! I was planning a corn chowder, but now I must wait. Or use a lesser corn.

But despite the lack of sweet corn, I had a pretty good haul.


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