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The Golden Hour

Last night was just glorious. I went out to collect eggs and feed the chickens. First off, aren’t our eggs beautiful? Dottie was there to make sure I told you. Lou was feeling left out. So I took him a treat. And fed the… Continue Reading “The Golden Hour”

Hatch-fest 2020

We are stuck here on the farm… well, I am. But we’re about to get some chickens in the mail in 4 weeks, so we are readying our hatch. We usually do a hatch of 12 eggs from our flock, and an order of… Continue Reading “Hatch-fest 2020”

Library chairs

Here’s the Husband’s chair And mine And my ottoman.

Auction Time

Yesterday we went to an estate auction-which is always a dangerous proposition.

Farmer’s Market

How many times have I written about the farmer’s market? Well one more at least. Had a great morning at the farmer’s market today. Got up at 6:30 to get there early. I go to the one at the Sedgwick County Extension Office. I… Continue Reading “Farmer’s Market”

Living My Best Life

After a week of Canada pictures and this post on Facebook: One of my friends had this to say: I have to agree.

This and That.

So living in the Midwest, we are used to weird swings in weather. This week was no exception. On Thursday, I wore my cute little sundress that I made and was outside as much as I could with my work schedule. Friday was an… Continue Reading “This and That.”

The end of the trip

The last day was pretty non-exciting. I missed the billboard that I always want to take a picture of, because of a joke that hit me about ten minutes after seeing it the first time, like five years ago. But the rest of it… Continue Reading “The end of the trip”