This and That.

So living in the Midwest, we are used to weird swings in weather. This week was no exception. On Thursday, I wore my cute little sundress that I made and was outside as much as I could with my work schedule.

Friday was an entirely different story. Cold and crappy. We originally had planned on putting the little girls in a big pen in the garage, but that was a no-go – since it’s so dang cold. Saturday, we woke up to snow on the ground. YIKES.

So some of our plans were scuttled. The bee hives aren’t painted, but they’re put together. And the holes for the screws are puttied.

We had a frame building activity earlier in the week, where I fit them together and glued them, and the Husband nailed them.

So now we have four brooder boxes, four supers, ten deep frames and forty shallow frames. All we need now are the bees.

Another thing that I did was start to de-fancify our kitchen. We have a lovely kitchen. Showroom quality – as in they walked into the showroom and said “I’ll take it!” But it’s a little more fancy than our taste.

So I started with some of the most egregious prissy details.

Behold the pulls for our china cabinet. Modeled after the tassels on the finest dancers in the bordello.

Ye gods.

They now look like this.

Simple, plain, and in keeping with the style of a french kitchen. Our china cabinet, which we use for our everyday dishes, a collection of antique chemical jars – we use them for salad dressing and giggles (especially when i made a lemon vinaigrette in the urine sample jar). And our Shatto cow bell. If you’re ever in the KC area, their milk, yogurt, ice cream, everything is so. Darn. Good. We miss it.

In any case, next I’ll start on the drawer pulls. There are forty-seven of them. Forty-flipping-seven. And that doesn’t count the eight wooden ones that I’m not sure we can swap out.

In other good news, we candled our eggs, and it looks like most of them are fertilized, the chicks continue to live (we batted about .500 last year), and the big girls are laying about one a day, so we’re at 4 to 5 eggs per day. We’re going to build another coop for the little girls with a run, so that we can let them outside without getting bullied by the big girls (and Noah). This time next year, we’ll have to have a roadside stand – I hope. We live in a great place for it.

Tomorrow: MakeICT, maybe dinner with the folks, and a Costco run.

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