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Today’s Project

So I’ve got this weird showroom kitchen. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome, but it has some quirks because the prior owners just walked into Bartel and said “I’ll take it!” Srsly. Too frou-frou, but really nice. So an annoyance to me… Continue Reading “Today’s Project”

This and That.

So living in the Midwest, we are used to weird swings in weather. This week was no exception. On Thursday, I wore my cute little sundress that I made and was outside as much as I could with my work schedule. Friday was an… Continue Reading “This and That.”

Guest Star and Cooking

So last weekend, we tried to shock the well – we failed – but we still didn’t have water. We went to my parents’ house to spend the night, and my mother and I cooked together. Mediterranean Pork and Orzo, and a chocolate soufflĂ©.… Continue Reading “Guest Star and Cooking”

Frico Caldo

One of my favorite restaurants in the world is in Boulder, Colorado. Granted, I haven’t seen a whole lot of the world, but this one’s up there for sure. It’s called Frasca.

The kitchen. Part deux.

So we have the dishwasher in, and the freezer. The stove is in, but not the vent, so I’ve used it, but it is currently non-functional until the husband puts it in.