Guest Star and Cooking

So last weekend, we tried to shock the well – we failed – but we still didn’t have water. We went to my parents’ house to spend the night, and my mother and I cooked together. Mediterranean Pork and Orzo, and a chocolate soufflé. I was sous and patisserie. Mom was head chef.

Here is the recipe for the pork.

  • Cubed Pork
  • Cooked Orzo
  • Tomatoes
  • Spinach
  • Feta (although we added goat cheese too, since I’m not a huge feta fan.

It’s a one-pot dish and fabulous. As is my mother.


I made the soufflé. It was from the old Joy of Cooking, so I imagine it’s the same recipe still.

I scaled it to two-thirds. It was not 100% a success, but it was 100% delicious – so I’m good. It was my first soufflé. Topped with powdered sugar and vanilla whipped cream. It didn’t rise the way it should have – not sure the problem. Time to google “why didn’t my soufflé rise?”

EDITED TO ADD: Because of course there is The Science of the Perfect Soufflé. The judges would have also accepted something from this shelf:

We may not be normal. McGee, Lopez-Alt, Modernist Cuisine, Baking Bible, Keller…

Oh, and you’re absolutely right that I bought the ingredients to make it again to see if I can get it right. My thoughts, get the egg whites stiffer, try full fat milk, lower heat on the custard, and chill for longer. Looks like maybe I did my egg whites too early.

My parents weren’t sufficiently frightened by our kitchen remodel, so they’re doing their own. Fun stuff. I can’t wait to keep cooking with my mom in her new kitchen.

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