Today’s Project

So I’ve got this weird showroom kitchen. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome, but it has some quirks because the prior owners just walked into Bartel and said “I’ll take it!”

Srsly. Too frou-frou, but really nice.

So an annoyance to me is the breakfast bar seating at the island.

Pardon the floor that needs to be mopped. The kitchen isn’t big enough for that to be realistic seating, and I’m too short for stools. So we’ve been stashing appliances down there, somewhat haphazardly.

But not today!

We bought some stray wood at the Re-Use It Center, and made it into shelves.

The Husband at work.

Ari inspecting the work.

Shelves are rough, but no one will see them but us.

All of our stuff has a home. Well, some of our stuff. We don’t have room here for the mixer or knock-off instant pot.

And all is hidden behind some drapes that I hemmed to floor length on a tension rod. Damn, I really need to mop.

Next project, buying stuff for the library because I screwed up our tax planning and we get a big refund. Amazon prime is paying for itself this week.

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