Month: October 2019

Even more throwback.

So we’ve looked at the hotel, the food. What next? Ooh work. The reason I was in Bengaluru was because I was there training some of our writers. They welcomed us with flowers, and it was such fun. Everyone decided to wear their sari… Continue Reading “Even more throwback.”

Continued Throwback

So we got to the hotel. It was lovely, the staff always left fresh flowers in our rooms. Breakfast was delicious. Coffee and watermelon juice. Oatmeal with pomegranates, wada, hash browns with tomato compote, and leftover veggies and rice from the night before. Pretty… Continue Reading “Continued Throwback”

TBT and Diwali

I’ve been watching a show on PBS about the history of India, and really have been thinking a lot about a work trip I went on in 2016. It was amazing. We had some team members in Bengaluru, India, and my colleague and I… Continue Reading “TBT and Diwali”

Auction Time

Yesterday we went to an estate auction-which is always a dangerous proposition.

Mustard Seed

In our tiny little town we have a wonderful little breakfast/lunch place, The Mustard Seed. They have good coffee, and even gluten-free pastries. And not just one mediocre offering, the shut down every now and again and have a gluten free baking day.

Mushroom Jus

A few years back, my beloved sister and brother-in-law gave me a wonderful Christmas present – The Modernist Cuisine at Home.

Back… Hopefully

I’ve had some mental health issues as of late. Damn you depression. But I’m practicing self-care, and getting help, so I should be back on track again soon. Here’s a kitten.