Month: April 2020

The Best Little Brooder in Kansas

So with (now) 23 little ones in the small brooder…

Herb Garden, Take Two

So my herb seeds didn’t really take off like gangbusters. But then, they never really do for me. We had to go into town anyway, because we’re gonna need a bigger brooder. And soon. Time for big blue.

The Rest of the Chicklets

Got a phone call at about 6 am from Kyle, our friendly postal worker to tell me that our chickens were at the post office. Since they don’t deliver until afternoon, I went to pick them up. First bees, now chickens in the car.

Eight Little Chicklets

We ended up, after a marathon hatch, with eight happy healthy chicklets. Two didn’t make it out of the shell, and one was a quitter. Out of three hatches, those are some of the first not to hatch, so we’re still doing good. Tomorrow… Continue Reading “Eight Little Chicklets”

The Hatch Continues

This has been a laggy hatch. We are on day 24, and still have one to go.

Sunrise… Sunset…

It’s circle of life time here at the farm. Having nine roosters is a bad idea. But we suck at deciding what to do with them. But it has gotten bad. Like Harvey Weinstein directing a movie about Tailhook bad.

Hatch Day!

Had a pip this morning! So we set up the nanny cam! We waited all day, and soon, we had a chirp. Then a zip!

Book 21 – Un-Trumping America

Good, hard look at how to start fixing America. Written before *gestures to everything*

New Bees!

We are definitely better at this bee thing. Today we took the afternoon off to pick up our bees. We go to our usual guy. He’s just in a neighborhood.


I normally don’t have cause to post this twice in one week, but the asparagus is up!