Herb Garden, Take Two

So my herb seeds didn’t really take off like gangbusters. But then, they never really do for me.

We had to go into town anyway, because we’re gonna need a bigger brooder. And soon. Time for big blue.

We had a picnic at the park, and bought our herbs.

A couple of years ago the Husband built me an herb garden planter. It is in the perfect location – full sun, but not in the hot afternoons.

So I cleaned out the debris that accumulated since I planted seeds. I have a tiny hand rake to get the big stuff, then a tool to pull up weeds, and then a garden knife to dig the hole.

I’ve got my herbs.

The soil in this is just lovely.

And in no time, I’ve got an herb and tea garden.

Meanwhile, the Husband is off brooding.

When I was little I hated marigolds, and couldn’t figure out why mom had them in the garden. But they’re good for your plants, so now I plant them every year!

Plus, look! Beets!!

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