The Rest of the Chicklets

Got a phone call at about 6 am from Kyle, our friendly postal worker to tell me that our chickens were at the post office. Since they don’t deliver until afternoon, I went to pick them up.

First bees, now chickens in the car.

I cranked the heat up to Venus and raced home. It was rainy and muddy so I raced at about 20 mph.

I got the box into the mud room, where all of the other chicks live.

Sadly, when I opened the box, one of my leghorns was no more.

Good night sweet princess.

The other fifteen were just happy as clams.

Including our polish chickens.

Everyone is happy in the brooder now.

I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat.

But we want to get them acclimated before sending them to the garage for the big brooder.

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