The Best Little Brooder in Kansas

So with (now) 23 little ones in the small brooder…

So the Husband built a new brooder. Never one to half-ass it, it’s awesome.

Brooding in our Quonset hut.

So it’s a big box. The top has three hinged doors with hardware cloth and places for lights. One half will get direct heat, ans they can move away. We can also take out one of the lamps without losing much.

The lamps use fixtures we got in a lot at an auction where I wanted something in the lot, but not everything. But, we kept them and now they come in handy. The lights are wired together at the back.

Almost finished!

We put the brooder on casters to make it easy to move/store, and put it in the garage.

The temp is on a controller that keeps it at 98.

They seem to like it!

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