Hatch Day!

Had a pip this morning! So we set up the nanny cam!

We waited all day, and soon, we had a chirp. Then a zip!

The tiny dinosaur then rolled over and whacked into her sister (hopefully). It was really dang cute.

We got to watch her (hopefully) come out of her shell.

Look at you!

She’s still in the drunken sailor phase of stumbling about.

The eggs are dated. From the 23rd to the 27th. She was one of the 24th ones. We have another on the way, the one with seven on the shell. You can mark your eggs with a sharpie without harming them, so my chicken scratch is date laid, x for likely, yes for initial fertility, then 7 from the second candling, and 14 for the third.

I’ve been sick all week, which means two things (1) we don’t know exactly how the rest of them are doing, and (2) they’re probably better off, since I didn’t handle them.

hope to have more chicks tomorrow!

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