Month: March 2021

Chicklets: TNG

We started 12 eggs on the 19th. The incubator is starting to fail a bit, so it may be a laggy hatch. Our external thermometer reads about 34 instead of 37, and the incubator is up to its highest temp. May be our last… Continue Reading “Chicklets: TNG”

Ooooklahoma (or Kansas) Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plain…

It was windy here. How windy you ask? Well, here’s me in my office upstairs. It was windy. Very windy. It blew over our coop, which was anchored in two places. One intrepid bird was unconcerned. No injuries, but a few feathers were ruffled.… Continue Reading “Ooooklahoma (or Kansas) Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plain…”

Tractor Maintenance

So our little Kubota was starving for fuel. The diagnosis is that there was something blocking the outflow of the fuel tank. So he spent the weekend taking it apart, and is putting it back together.


So there’s this dress pattern I love… Except for one thing. The neckline is soooooo wide. I need to wear a tank to hide bra straps wide. So I decided to fix it.

The Golden Hour

Last night was just glorious. I went out to collect eggs and feed the chickens. First off, aren’t our eggs beautiful? Dottie was there to make sure I told you. Lou was feeling left out. So I took him a treat. And fed the… Continue Reading “The Golden Hour”

Eggs, Honey, and Soap

This week we have eggs for $3.00 unwashed, undelivered. $3.50 washed or delivered to Buhler or Wichita. We have loads of honey for $8.00, and we haveā€¦ Eggs, Honey, and Soap

It’s Been a Morning

Is it raining in your bedroom? – Stone Temple Pilots Sadly, yes. It’s been raining a whole lot the last couple of days. I’m sitting in my office, getting ready to start working and I hear a drip. Drip. Drip. I look in the… Continue Reading “It’s Been a Morning”

A Shot in the Arm

“Baby all I need is a shot in the arm” – Wilco Got my first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine on Monday. Very well-run organization. Went online and signed us up for an appointment last week, as soon as appointments became available to my… Continue Reading “A Shot in the Arm”

New Purse

So in the before-times, I carried a big bag. It was cute, and me and I like it. Gray canvas with birds screen printed on it. Anyway, then the pandemic, and the broken leg/ankle/ankle. I started using a back pack.

So it begins…

We started excavation for the bee yard. We started by having five tons of rock delivered. Surprisingly unimpressive.