New Purse

So in the before-times, I carried a big bag. It was cute, and me and I like it. Gray canvas with birds screen printed on it. Anyway, then the pandemic, and the broken leg/ankle/ankle. I started using a back pack.

Now, I just want something to hold my phone, keys and cards. I was thinking about this on the way to MakeICT today. I was looking around at the fabric stash in textiles, and found this gorgeous sari fabric.

I looked around and found a matching fabric for a liner and strap.

I started by cutting out the parts. I eyeballed it, instead of measuring. Next time I’d measure, although my lack of measurement paid off.

I ironed the strap piece, and sewed it inside out. If I used a different fabric, I might do a bias piece.

Once I sewed the strap, I turned it inside out. This was a PITA. I had to start over three times.

Then I sewed the outside and liner inside out, leaving a hole to turn it right side out. I stitched up the hole, and sewed up the sides. Now here is where my lack of measurement paid off. One short side was a bit cock-eyed, so I rolled with it, and the flap is at an angle.

Then I added the strap. In a perfect world, I’d nave sewn the strap into the seams, but I waited. Either way, I’m pleased with my tiny new purse.

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