Month: April 2018


In addition to the beekeeping this weekend, we had our first hatch of chickens. We had no idea what we were doing, and were hoping for the best.We did pretty good. We started out with nine eggs. Picked at random from the coop outside.… Continue Reading “Hatching”

Beekeeping at Night

So this was a big weekend at the farm. On Friday, I called WW Bees to see about the status of our hives, and he said we needed to pick up today. Um… okay. So now we have bees.

Busy Little Bees

It’s been a busy time here at the farm. We have chicks, eggs pipping and brand new bees that were an epic fail last night. I was stung maybe five times, and the Husband once. More as we get settled.

This and That.

So living in the Midwest, we are used to weird swings in weather. This week was no exception. On Thursday, I wore my cute little sundress that I made and was outside as much as I could with my work schedule. Friday was an… Continue Reading “This and That.”

The end of the trip

The last day was pretty non-exciting. I missed the billboard that I always want to take a picture of, because of a joke that hit me about ten minutes after seeing it the first time, like five years ago. But the rest of it… Continue Reading “The end of the trip”

ATL to the Cape. Girardeau, that is.

We started our day heading northwest out of Atlanta. We stopped at the Rail Tunnel, that first connected Atlanta to the north.

All good things…

We had to go home eventually. I’ve wanted to go to Savannah since, like, forever. At least since Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. We parked at one end and rode/walked to the other. Sightseeing and shopping. The Mercer house.

Guess What? Chicken Butt.

We pause our vacation recap to introduce our new family members. Five new chickens added to our flock. Hopefully they’ll make it through their first few weeks.