ATL to the Cape. Girardeau, that is.

We started our day heading northwest out of Atlanta. We stopped at the Rail Tunnel, that first connected Atlanta to the north.

That is not a train, thankfully. It was an interesting site. Lots of interesting stuff. I learned about The Great Locomotive Chase. I need to learn more American history. My history mainly stops around 1603, and at the waters’ edge of Britain.

Some details i liked.

Then it was on to Tennessee, Kentucky, and ultimately Missouri. We were trying to figure out how we managed to cross the Mississippi twice and end up on the other side of it, but sadly, google maps showed me that I crossed the Ohio and the Mississippi one time each, and I misidentified the Ohio.

We hit storms on the way to Cape Girardeau, which left us too tired to see the historic district. So we collapsed in the hotel room.

That’s us in the blue dot. YIKES.

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