Guess What? Chicken Butt.

We pause our vacation recap to introduce our new family members. Five new chickens added to our flock. Hopefully they’ll make it through their first few weeks.

We have:

  • Cuckoo Chanel (Cuckoo Maran) – we tell her by her eyebrows.
  • Kaley Cuckoo (Cuckoo Maran) – she does not have eyebrows.
  • Betsy Ross (Americauna) – barred wings
  • Martha Washington (Americauna) – no bars, gray on wings.
  • Ida (Ideal Leghorn) – white

They weigh in at between 37 (Ida) and 46 (Betsy) grams. Martha had a case of pasty butt this morning, but we fixed that. The Husband has built a controller that will turn on and off the heat lamps to keep the temperature where it needs to be.

What is pasty butt, you ask? When the dried poop sticks to the vent.

It is an issue with chicks sometimes. The solution is to get some warm water and a rag, then gently remove the poop.

That’s *exactly* what I anticipated my life would be like when I went to law school.

When you’re done, it looks better.

Still a little inflamed, but I’ll keep watch and do some research. We also started nine eggs in the incubator. We’ll see how that goes.

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