Attempted Kayaking

The next day was supposed to be a kayaking excursion among the salt marshes. Of the five of us, two made it. One peeled off sick early, and the Husband and i peeled off because the going was too rough. We went through a great group, Outside Hilton Head. Much like her namesake, Alexa was a great guide!

We plan on trying it at one of our local lakes to get ourselves accustomed to it. My arms still hurt. Then maybe next time we have the opportunity, we can do it.

Instead we sat and watched the birds, and he water, and generally chilled.

Shelter Cove’s mascot.

We dropped the kayakers off at the condo, and went on our own adventure. It started with shrimp and grits at a bar. Bad idea. It was your usual beachside bar, with the bar mayor and pirate decor. The bar mayor is the old dude at the bar who seems to know all of the regulars, and greets all the non-regulars.

Note the shrimp and grits in the top corner. Damn you shrimp and grits.

We then went to Pinckney National Wildlife Refuge, and walked around.

At which point I got violently ill and we went home, and I went to bed.

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