Month: July 2017


My husband was out working in the yard and I was inside working on work, and all of a sudden, we hear a crow. I suppose it was inevitable – even experts are 90% on sexing chickens, and we’ve had eleven.  In the immortal… Continue Reading “Oops…”

Art Project

Do you ever see something in a craft store and think… “I don’t know what yet, but I could totally make something cool with that.” A couple of months ago, I did just that.

Pesto vs. Pesto

As noted before, we have an abundance of basil in our herb garden. We have three kinds, Mammoth Sweet, Genovese, and Red Rubin. So, FOR SCIENCE! The husband made pesto with all three.

Maker Faire II – Wichita Boogaloo

So Wichita has a mini Maker Faire. Since it is just starting up, we decided instead of just attending, we’d volunteer! It was at the extremely cool Exploration Place in Wichita. It’s a lot smaller than the KC one, but that’s not a surprise. We show… Continue Reading “Maker Faire II – Wichita Boogaloo”


I have been in an epic fetch game with my cat for about…. seven months. He has this multicolored yarn ball (we’re on like ball five) that he loves to play with.  It started when he was a little kitten, and every night we’d… Continue Reading “Fetch”

Butterflies vs. Dill

So earlier this year, my beloved husband built a raised bed for our herb garden. It rocks.

Sharks and Jets

The chickens are pretty much two flocks. They are about a month different in age. The older four are bigger, but the younger are more aggressive. It leads to some amusing times in the evenings. Possession is 9/10ths of the law. Now, as a… Continue Reading “Sharks and Jets”

Egg Watch 2017

Our older ladies turned four months on Saturday. So we’ve begun EGG WATCH 2017! Which means I’ve been incessantly googling “how to tell if your chickens are about to start laying eggs” These are our two biggest suspects… Susan and Dottie. Mature looking –… Continue Reading “Egg Watch 2017”


Today, in things I didn’t realize we’re actual things. You know how there are occasionally snarky birds atop cows in Far Side cartoons (of course I couldn’t find one)? They are actual things. They are cattle egrets. 


I love pickles. When my nephew was a baby, he could say my name, but chose not to. I tried and tried to get him to say my name.