Sharks and Jets

The chickens are pretty much two flocks. They are about a month different in age. The older four are bigger, but the younger are more aggressive. It leads to some amusing times in the evenings.

Possession is 9/10ths of the law. Now, as a lawyer, I have to post the disclaimer that that is not true, but in the coop, it is the law. Whoever gets there first rules the roost for the night. Pecking order for the Jets seems to be Dottie, Susan, Buffy, and Shakespeare. Pecking order for the Sharks seems to be Noah, Petunia, Violet, and Rhoda. Although Noah and Petunia were fronting today. Getting their civil war mutton chops all floofed and running at each other. But no pecking, so not worried yet.

But if the big girls get to the coop first, the lower two girls go in, then Dottie guards the door. When Susan deems it to be time, she goes in, and lets the little girls in.

If the little ones get in the coop first, Noah will guard, and Petunia will bring up the rear after everyone is settled.


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