Art Project

Do you ever see something in a craft store and think… “I don’t know what yet, but I could totally make something cool with that.” A couple of months ago, I did just that.

I kept on seeing this in the store, and thinking, what can I do? It’s cool, and needs to have a craft. Then I thought, why don’t I paint all the states where the Husband and I have traveled together?

So I bought me some paint, and brushes and started painting. Of course, all of my interim pictures are gone, but oh well. Not hard to imagine. A couple of coats of paints, and you’re good.

I decided on a slat backing of the piece, which was a mistake, but we’ll figure it out. I stained it cherry b/c that’s what my furniture is and stapled the boards together with the compressed air staple gun thingy.  Took a couple of prototypes to get it as right as possible.

Stain all sides of the front, as well as the backing slats that hold it together, because it won’t be perfectly level. rather than try, I declared it *Rustic!* I’m going to go back and do it, but on the ones that are behind the map staple from both sides for stability.

I painted a little heart in Colorado, where we got married, and a little White House with green trim (it’s not green yet, but it will be) where we live now.

And if all goes as planned, Georgia and South Carolina will be painted next spring

It will be a nice little reminder of all of the places we’ve been together.

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