Pesto vs. Pesto

As noted before, we have an abundance of basil in our herb garden. We have three kinds, Mammoth Sweet, Genovese, and Red Rubin.

So, FOR SCIENCE! The husband made pesto with all three.

First he toasted the pine nuts. And shredded the cheese. Then came the garlic.

Here are all of the ingredients. Note, there aren’t amounts, because it’s sort of by feel and taste.

Mammoth Sweet Basil
Genovese Basil
Red Rubin

Put it all in the cuisinart 

…and Pesto!

Now for the blind taste test.

1: Kate liked, sharp with a long aftertaste. The husband thought it was mellow, a bit salty and more garlicky.

2. Both of our least favorite Kate thought it was bitter, and the husband thought it was milder and had no punch.

3. Kate liked, richest with a good bitter aftertaste, and the husband thought not as salty and good Parm.
Ultimately: K was 3,1,2 and Husband was 1,3,2.

1: Mammoth Sweet

2: Genovese

3: Red Rubin

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