Month: January 2020

Who’s Who in the Hen House – Debbie

Meet Debbie Harry. She is the daughter of Noah and Rhoda, an Aracauna and a Rhode Island Red. She looks like Dad.

Rooster Roll-Call: Noah was the One

Meet Noah II. Son of Noah and probably Violet. We hatched him two years ago, and he was one of the few newbies who survived the abokalypse. Probably Aracauna/Aracauna.

Who’s Who in the Henhouse?

Meet Ginger Baker. She’s a Cream Legbar. Ginger, because her breast is ginger, and Baker because Cream. We bought her as a day-old chick from Meyer Hatchery last May.

Books 4 and 5

Went a little lighter for books 4 and 5. I’m on the waiting list at the library for the third one. Nice, light and fun. Next, back to biographies and linguistics.

Moar honey!

Holy cow we had a lot of honey. From that one hive, we got over 40 bears of honey. I believe the appropriate measurement for honey is bears, right?

Bad news, good news

The bad news is we lost another hive. The good news is that it was chock full of honey. We think it just got too cold with the north wind making the sleet go sideways. We learned a lesson, if it seems weak, act… Continue Reading “Bad news, good news”

Living Room to Library

So our next indoor project (after cleaning) is going to be changing our living room over to a library. We realized that since we don’t have a TV per se (iPads suffice for us) we don’t need a focal point in the living room.… Continue Reading “Living Room to Library”

Book Three – How to Speak Chicken

This was a fun little book about chickening by Melissa Caughey.

Book 2 – The Topeka School

This week I read The Topeka School, by Ben Lerner I’m pretty sure that tornado was following me up I-35 after taking out Andover, KS (and Destiny’s porch) as I was heading to the state forensics tournament.

Johnny Appleseed of Maker Spaces

Last night we hosted the “Johnny Appleseed of Maker Spaces,” Joel Leonard. He is touring the country talking to maker spaces.