Living Room to Library

So our next indoor project (after cleaning) is going to be changing our living room over to a library.

We realized that since we don’t have a TV per se (iPads suffice for us) we don’t need a focal point in the living room. Since all of the walls are already books, we decided to make it a library.

Pay no attention to the recycling waiting to be recycled.

So since we aren’t made of mo eh, this will happen in stages. But here’s the plan.

We have the library table, the lamps, and four chairs. We need to get chairs and ottomans. Right now, we have a bench under the window that I would like to make eventually into a nook.

Step one is cleaning up the coffee tables, and putting them up for sale. We have a coffee table, two matching side tables and a small side table. The couch, a hand me down from friends is on its last legs.

The chairs and ottomans are next. I want basically this for me.

But in a darker color.

I don’t know what Daryl wants, but he can choose his own chair. But this has to wait.

The big expense will be when we build the bookshelves. I can’t even. Much father down the line.

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