Month: July 2020

Even More Peeps

So far Summer has hatched three eggs… although the last one she didn’t sit on them much. It was warm enough in the coop to incubate.

New Peep

The time has come! Summer’s eggs (and some others’ eggs) are hatching. She ended up with 12 eggs. One hatched, probably yesterday. 11 more to go over the next week or two.

Broody Chicken Update

Last time I reported that Summer was sitting on five eggs. She now has at least nine. We are looking at a hatch date anywhere from the 14th through the 21st at this point. Her back is a little worn because of the affections… Continue Reading “Broody Chicken Update”

Coop Dreams

So in my earlier post, I couldn’t find the book with the plans for our original coop. Our library is a shambles. But, I spied with my little eye a yellow spine. This had really good plans, and they were adaptable. The chicks are… Continue Reading “Coop Dreams”