Month: May 2019

Bonus Chickens

Our Black Australorp was running broody, so we let her sit on some eggs. She want interested at all in hatching non-brown eggs. Meggan would go in and lay one in the nesting box, and an hour or so later, it was in the… Continue Reading “Bonus Chickens”

Just Super!

Our new bees are thriving thus far. Our old hive wasn’t so bad either, so after checking on them on Sunday, we put on a brooder box on one of the new ones, and a super on the old one.

Making Yarn

A while back we found a bunch of cotton along the side of our property (who knew Kansas grew cotton?). It was dingy, gross, muddy, and full of seeds. I can’t meditate. I’ve tried, many times, but Bundle of anxieties, right here.

More chickens!

We got our newest chickens in the mail. Two Copper Marans Two Cream Legbars Two Welsummers

Mother of Chickens

I Kate, of house Goad, first of her name, Mother of Dragons Chickens… So we’ve been having terrible storms. Rain for days, flooding, end times like.

Day two of the hatch

We thought we were stalled out at seven, as it had been 24 hours, and only minimal action from the chickadees. We were pretty happy with seven.

2019 Hatch Day 1

We started with 17 eggs, broke a few, culled some others, and are now left with twelve. 2 White Eggs (Leghorns) 2 Brown Eggs (RIR, Austrlorp, or Golden Comet) 4 Green Eggs (EE) 4 Blue Eggs (EE).

Lots going on!

We have planted, we nave new bees, we are hatching! Busy time on the farm. New flowers in the wildflower field: Batchelor Buttons, Poppies.

None of Your Beeswax

So when we cleaned out the hive that died, we harvested no honey, but a bit of beeswax. I rendered some of it and learned some lessons.

Basement time.

Welp… I had a meeting in Wichita and went grocery shopping on the way home. As I’m driving, I’m thinking to myself, wow it looks dark up there.