None of Your Beeswax

So when we cleaned out the hive that died, we harvested no honey, but a bit of beeswax. I rendered some of it and learned some lessons.

1. Use the cheesecloth method. Throw your wax into a Muslim or cheesecloth bag and let the solids stay in the bag.

2. Use a dedicated stock pot, because it’s gonna be a bitch to clean. We ended up getting a crock pot at the thrift store to melt/render wax.

3. The wax to not wax ratio is disheartening- we got three whole candles out of the hive. Although if I would have stuck to my guns on 1, I’d have gotten more.

4. When you’re cutting the bottoms to match your tapers, don’t whack the candle on the countertop.

5. They look lovely.

We got a votive, and I gave the tapers to my mother for Mother’s Day.

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