Making Yarn

A while back we found a bunch of cotton along the side of our property (who knew Kansas grew cotton?). It was dingy, gross, muddy, and full of seeds.

I can’t meditate. I’ve tried, many times, but

Bundle of anxieties, right here.

The closest I can come to meditation is to do something with my hands that doesn’t require thought, but requires attention. So I’ve been diligently carding the Cotton we found.

It went from this:

To this:

Now I’m spinning it into yarn. But I’m cheap, and this isn’t a crop we have (although I am trying to germinate the seeds) so my carders are pet brushes, and I made my drop spindle with cardboard, a pencil, and a cup hook.

Just screw the cup hook into the eraser of the pencil. Cut a circle in your cardboard, and a notch in the circle. Punch through the pencil, and voila.

I’m not very good at spinning yet, but I’m happy with my first attempt.

It’s primary use is going to be wicking for my candles.

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