More chickens!

We got our newest chickens in the mail.

Two Copper Marans

Two Cream Legbars

Two Welsummers

The goal is to have a rainbow of colored eggs.

Image from Abundant Permaculture.

So far we have light and medium brown, greenish, blue, and white. We hope these will add dark brown, speckled and pink. And since we allow the Roos to screw whoever they want, we hope to get a gradient among all of those.

All are happy in a tub in our mud room for the moment. Hopefully before the weekend I’d out, they’ll have six more siblings. Black Frances won’t let us near her and her eggs, so we don’t really know exactly when they’ll hatch. I check on her several times a day, she’s got scratch and water, and tomorrow I’ll start putting in some chick feed.

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